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Patch for the LCD driver lcd-0.152

This is another patch for the lcd driver (lcd-0.152.tar.gz). Now it has support to read the status port directly from the device /dev/lcd. So you can get, more or less simple, the key states from the connected keys without root access. This may close some security problems, because there is no more reason to run any controlling program as root.

For this patch the original lcd driver version 0.152 from Nils Faerber is needed.
Get it from: http://www.unix-ag.uni-siegen.de/~nils/lcd.html

An example for the hardware, how to connect the keys and so on, can be found on these pages at the lowkal project.

The patch can be downloaded here: lcdpatch152.3.tar.gz

The documentation and two example programs in perl is included in the archive.