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LC-Display at the parallel port

Here on these pages you can see, how a LC-Display will be connected to the parallel port of an IBM compatible computer. Because of some news or changes to these pages in the future or even in the past, I've split them into single pages now. The following table contains the links to the inherent pages.
Have fun.

28.08.2001 lowkal - Version 0.06 A new version of the lowkal project

This is the version 0.06 of lowkal.
There are a couple of changes and the shematics of the new board is included now. There is a perl program that will drive the display, with a kind of menu system for controling functions, too.

07.01.2001 A new patch for the lcd driver 0.152.

This is another patch for the lcd driver lcd-0.152.tar.gz
With this you can read the status port directly from the lcd device /dev/lcd.

07.01.2001 A new housing and a new board.

Now the display and the keys have got a fairly housing. This was high time, though :-)

03.10.1999 lowkal - [L]CD C[o]ntrol [w]ith [K]eys [a]nd [L]EDs

Here you can get an older description, how to connect a text display to the parallel port.